Minecraft - WebStats

This is a personal project of mine that I like to update on my spare time. It allows for anyone that plays Minecraft to view the stats of their modified servers, and players of said servers to also view stats.

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CM Executive Search

This site is created to be a hub for contractors to submit their resume. I made a large design overhaul and PHP background code. While this is not 100% up it is ready to function.

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Contractor Marketing Inc.

Contractor Marketing Inc. is linked to CM Exex. in many ways. It is used as the base for sending out emails that I have been the administrator for.

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Silver Twins Movie

Silver Twins Movie was the first time I tried WordPress it is easy to keep a nice format how I like, but allows for anyone to edit it. This is a plus, since this site will be changed by more than me.

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Brother Larry

When I was first talking to Larry he told me that he had a problems with his site. The layout was out of date and incompatible with modern browsers. I revamped his site, so that it available from any browser of device.

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