MySQL, and PHP: Minecraft plug-in data pages for public viewing.

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Welcome to WebStats by Nick Smith - (MrPlow254).

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MySQL - PHP web data page for public viewing of Minecraft plugin data

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This was based on [WEB] Webstatistic for Minecraft v1.10b [1337]. However 95% of the code has been changed leaving basicly some of the CSS, and only the idea of the previous project. It has been developed with the mindset of being made into a WordPress or phpWiki or any good website project that has an installer, login, admin page, and many goodies.

Webstatistic for Minecraft is shortened to WS in the following text:

For issue, suggestion, source code, and other content go HERE

Cool Links To Use

Achievement Maker

What's "Webstatistic for Minecraft"?

Every minecraft server admin, at some point would like to host some statistics for the users on their website. This will prompt players on the server to compete with each others scores, or just view the information about them (e.g. who destroyed the most cobblestone blocks). They can use it as a system to determine prices, or just to have an overview to compare stuff with each other. If there are plug-ins WS should support in future, the plug-in must be MySQL based, and if there are enough requests.

What you mean with "modular system"?

These are plug-ins that anyone can create and throw into the modules folder to view any MySQL data or other forms of data that is provided. At this time there are some areas that require more then just creating ("functions.php, config.php, and api.php"), later down you will see information on how to create your own plug-in extension. WS supports any plug-in which collects data with MySQL. The following plug-ins are already supported:

What are the requirements of WS?

  • A website.
  • PHP (tested with v5.2.5 and above)
    • PHP GD - For Linux users, 'sudo apt-get install php5-gd' then restart Apache.
    • PHP Curl - For Linux users, 'sudo apt-get install php5-curl' then restart Apache.
    • Your INI file shows variables_order = "GPCS", however we would like it to be "EGPCS"
  • MySQL

And for the noobs use XAMPP *as seen below


  • XAMPP ~ sets up everything for you.
  • EasyPHP ~ sets up everything for you.
  • Ping MOTD ~ Plug-in that seems to never brake, try it out.
  • PHPMyAdmin ~ Allows for use of MySQL commands from the browser anywhere in the world.


1~Extract the zip file in your webserver directory *most likely 2~The fallowing directories need write permission of (chmod 777) !
3~Open the location to website.com/{Webstats location} This will auto start a config installation. If you do not want or cannot create a admin login and password while using the "Lets's go!" button back at the main start page click "I'll pass and lose a lot of options button".

*Suggest the use of PHPMyAdmin. If you cannot make an admin username and password from the website access your MySQL. Create a database named of something of your choice I suggest WebStats. Open on your back-end file system \{location of the WebStats files}\include\sql.sql and use this code in whatever way you are able to add. Then you can add all the variables -- located in the sql.sql file -- you would like to a SQL string. Do note that the password has to be MD5 so you will need to surround the password in the SQL string with MD5('password'). And lastactive and lastlogin uses this format 2013-07-04 10:22:47. Format for rank is going to be 1.


To create your own plug-in extension you will need to have at lease the following:

  • 1: A folder with a relative name to your Minecraft plug-in or some other type of project you would like to add. This will be created in the modules folder located from the root of the folder.

  • 2: 3 folders name "api", "config", and "include" will required.

  • 3: Inside the api folder you will need to create a file named "api.php", then add in
    include( "modules/{name of the plugin}/include/functions.php" );
    "modules/{name of the plugin}/config/config.php" );

    along with any other plugins you would like to tie into.

  • 4: Inside the config folder you will need to create a file named "config.php", then add in
    $menuname="{name of the plugin}";
    pluginconfigstatus{name of the plugin} === true)

    and change $WS_CONFIG_NoMySQL to true if you are not using MySQL.

  • 5: Inside the include folder you will need to create a file named "functions.php", then add in any php code that you would like to use as functions to be called in the index.php file.

  • 6: Create a "index.php" and add functions and other data and any css you would like for this plugin.

  • 7: Do a pull request to WebStats, and I will add the rest.


  • Add Smelting Pages
  • Remove The Achievements Tab and Move It To The Players Page With It Grayed Out and Not Showing The Requirements Until The Player Unlocks The Achievement
  • Add Rest Of ID's and Add The Extra ID's To Main ID's Page example ( 17:1 17:2 goes onto 17 page)
  • Add InventorySQL ~ GitHub
  • BeardAch ~ GitHub
  • BeardStat ~ GitHub
  • Add HawkEye ~ GitHub
  • Add Statistician v2.0 ~ GitHub
  • Add Smart Phone Support * iPhone, Droid.

Current Pending Update

v4(No ETA) - Changelog bellow is current GitHub Source changes

  • Moved all MySQL function to mysqli since mysql was deprecated as of PHP 5.5.0.
  • IP page sort function changes for the date.
  • Updated to latest minecraft items 5/18/15
  • JavaScript materials page.
  • Updated to Foundation 5.5.2
  • Optimized CSS for multi-platform
  • ajax usage
  • dynamic menu

Authors and Contributors

What Browser Does This Work With?


*At least... Please Post otherwise. Thank You.
This is using HTML5 in some areas, but the main areas are not so that everyone can view. *In the middle of making all html5.
- browser icon IE9+, browser icon Firefox 1.5+, browser icon Opera 8+, browser icon Safari 3+, browser icon Chrome 0.2+


    v3.1 (05/24/2013)

  • Added Location Info on Users Online Text in Footer.
  • Fixed Page Navigation
  • Fixed IP Tracker
  • Updated some MySQL statments
  • Updated 404 page and now is working
  • Updated ID list
  • Updated Material Stats
  • Added Support for Stats v1.071 by lolmewnstats ~ source
  • v3.0 (04/20/2013)

  • Added Admin Page.
  • Added Capability of a dynamic achievments, economy, and stats plug-in change.
  • Added IP Tracker.
  • Added mcstats.org tracker.
  • Added On/Off for Player Page Plugins, this is dynamic with your selection from the installer.
  • Added Sample Config.
  • Added Smart Phone Support * iPhone(Added Foundation v3.2.2)
  • Added Smelting function and added all current. ~ (12/16/2012)
  • Added Support for MineConomy ~ GitHub
  • Fixed errors with dynamic photo. ~ GitHub
  • Updated A few items photos larger image.
  • Updated Brewing Functions, Added All Brewing Items Up To Minecraft v1.4.5 ~ (12/16/2012)
  • Updated ID page functions * still slow (using foundations) due to the amount of css.
  • Updated Config Installer with notes on what is what.
  • Updated MySQL, much more easy for people to understand *(now once more able to set databases for each plug-in verse 1 for all - not recommended).
  • v2.1 (4/5/2012 EST 10:23AM)

  • Add PermissionsEX Support
  • Fixed PHP Errors Showing For The Banner Photo.
  • Fixed McMMO Images Only Showing Under Some Servers. *Thanks To beleg
  • Fixed Main Menu Problem.*Thanks To holsamoht
  • Added McMMO Skill Bar.
  • Added McMMO Power Level. * DOES NOT "SORT BY" YET

    v2.0 (3/29/2012 EST 1:--PM)

  • Changed PHP Errors.
  • Fixed Code Making PHP Errors In Some Settings.
  • Added A Background, (not the best shape) For 3D Players
  • v2.0-Delta (3/26/2012 EST 8:--PM)

  • Fixed Players Not Being Shown On Material Page.
  • Added Search Feature*works to ID page.
  • Added Search For Players in Any Plug-in.
  • Added Jail.
  • Re-Added Return To Homepage.
  • v2.0-gamma (3/21/2012 EST 4:51PM)

  • Added Ping To Website.
  • Added Dynamic Photo.
  • Added Players Online, MOTD.
  • Improved Installer.
  • Removed Some Files.
  • * Please Report Any Problems Since This is Pre-Final.

    v1.9.5-source (3/19/2012 EST 11:45AM)

  • Removed Uneeded Files
  • Fixed Menu jQuery ~ Dynamic Index still needed
  • Source Files
  • * Plug-in Is Not being Developed. Fully.

    v1.9 (3/19/2012 EST 11:30AM)

  • Added The Installer Locally.
  • Reloaded v1.9 - Has Raw Source Data Now
  • v1.8b ~ (3/13/2012 EST: 8:18PM)

  • Introducing Install page - Outsourced
  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Fixed No Data In MySQL Loading Crash
  • Added Session For Player Search
  • v1.7.3 ~ (3/9/2012)

  • Fixed Style On Player Page.
  • Moved Achievements To Player Page.
  • Fixed ID Page Dynamic Search Box 90% Done.
  • Fixed Background Not Loading On ID Page.
  • Fixed Slow Code
  • * Known Bug ~ Menu No Being Dynamic.

    v1.7.1.1 ~ (3/8/2012)

  • Shortend some code.
  • Fixed Player Page Hide and Show.
  • v1.7.1 ~ (3/8/2012)

  • Added Bookmark - with current page location.
  • Added Some Recipes.
  • Added Live Search Code To Be Added.
  • Changed Location of Player Search Box.
  • Changed Background From .jpg To .png ~ Decreased Size.
  • Deleted Unused Files.
  • Fixed Backgrounds Not changing on click.
  • Added Some new Style.
  • * Known Problem Background Does Not change in ID LIST page.

    v1.6.5 ~ (3/3/2012)

  • Fixed Some Errors in McMMO.
  • Changed Some Photo Sizes.
  • Added New Creatures * 'Minecraft V1.2.2'
  • Added Some Recipes.
  • Added McMMO Onto Profile Page.
  • Added Code To Turn Off 3D File From Being Used By Others When Turned Off * will add localhost only if needed.
  • Deleted Unneeded Items.
  • v1.6 ~ (3/1/2012)

  • Added Brewing Recipe config.
  • Added Some Brewing Recipes.
  • Added Some New Crafting Recipe.
  • Added Photos of Items.
  • Cleaned Up Code.
  • Fixed McMMO.

    v1.5.2 ~ (2/27/2012)

  • Added 3d on and off in the config*
  • Added Some Names to ID's in The Stats.
  • Cleaned up code.
  • * 3d Photos may be slow on some servers.

    v1.5.1 ~ (2/27/2012)

  • Removed Un-Needed Files.
  • Removed CSS Widths File to Make Only 1 File.
  • Deleted Flags Folder.
  • v1.5 ~ (2/26/2012)

  • Added 3d players *No config yet to turn on and off. But info on how is in the config file.
  • Some Code Fixes.
  • Added Some New Files That Are Needed.
  • v1.4.9.5

  • 3d players almost done works 100% just not linked to player page.
  • Fixed some code
  • Fixed cursors not working in all browsers
  • v1.4.9

  • Fixed achievement install - will not change unless the MySQL does.
  • Cleaned up code.
  • Added index.php file change to index.installed when you run the achievements-install and it works (so that you don't have to delete the file).
  • v1.4.7

  • Changed background input option.
  • Added items to the Stats plugin page.
  • Fixed item photo viewing in material.
  • Cleaned up code.
  • v1.4.6

  • Added cursors for page.
  • Google translate * just testing this.
  • Added PHP requirement code.
  • Added MySQL error code.
  • Cleaned up code.
  • v1.4.5 ~ (2/19/2012)

  • Updated way to change background.
  • Added more backgrounds.
  • Fixed Achievement install.
  • Added Error Codes for Achievement install page.
  • Added Code For Ads On The Page.
  • Changed All Config Files To One Config File in 'config/config.php'.
  • Cleaned up code.
  • Added a return to main page icon.
  • Added new item id's * 381-385 and item 200.
  • Added new item images.
  • Added link to http://www.minecraftwiki.net for all English items.
  • Added titles to all pages.
  • Added Link To McMMO wiki On The Title.
  • Added Hover Pop Up Text.